Strange Little Wanderer Goes to Calaguas Islands (Day 2)

Well, this is going to be a lengthy post because so much stuff went down on our second day in Calaguas.

I woke up fairly early on the second day of our trip ’cause I’ve always loved looking at beaches when they’re bathed in that pre-sunrise light.

Good morning! I wouldn’t mind waking up to this everyday. I love the color of the beach in this light.

Lion King shot heh.

Eventually, my boyfriend and two of my friends woke up too so we walked the beach stretch and took pictures.

White and fine sand

We saw these at the end of the beach.

Hello beautiful!
Flower power

At around 7, breakfast was served.

Breakfast! Hotdogs are my favorite kinds of breakfast so I might have helped myself on them a little too much. Oopsss…

After breakfast, we set out to go hiking! We met this very nice couple, Xiao and Issay, who were also part of the Calaguas IAdventure tour.

With our new travel buddies 🙂
Cottages where guests can also stay. They’re a bit farther from the beach.

Up we go

When we reached the top of the hill, we were treated to a breathtaking view of the beach, the sea, and the surrounding islands.


There were also hammocks and benches so we were able to relax for a bit.



Going down, down

After going back down to our tents, we had a 3-hour free time before lunch. We were supposed to go skimboarding. Unfortunately, the boards were unavailable and the tour guides said that the waves that day weren’t ideal for skimboarding anyway. So we just goofed around while waiting for lunch.

Lunch time!

After lunch, we were told that we’re going to Balagbag Beach, which is located on another nearby island.

On our way to Balagbag Beach

When we got there, we had to trek up another hill. At times, the paths were rocky and steep. But the climb was so worth it when we saw the view!

The guy on the picture on the left with my boyfriend is one of the super nice tour guides

I really, really liked this rocky view

Going up higher



The cliffs reminded me of the last scene in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

We were then taken a little further away from the island on a spot where we were allowed to go snorkeling. There wasn’t much to see underwater, though.


We then went back to Mahabang Buhangin  Beach where my friends played volleyball. We went kayaking shortly before the sun went down.

“They say it changes when the sun goes down”

Dinner time!

After being served a super satisfying diner where I finally got shrimp and liempo, it was time to join the other people in the tour for drinks at a mobile bar. It turned out to be a fun night of quirky and yummy drinks, dancing, and meeting new friends!

mobile bar

This is our multitalented tour organizer Kuya Mark serving up some submarines. I was actually supposed to embed a video on my Instagram here but it cannot be done anymore? 😦 It shows the smaller glasses falling inside the bigger glasses . Sayaaaang…

With Lee the bartender

Picture on the left shows my friend Mac manning the bar and making God-knows-what

We should definitely party on hard-to-reach islands more often! The final post on this trip will be up soon after I vote later 🙂

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