Coron 2019

So this trip happened last April 22-26, 2019. Yes here I am again updating this blog a year after. Maybe it could be my thing. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to something like “The Year After Blog”.

ANYWAY…so I went to this trip with my co-teachers and it was so memorable. We’re thinking that this was already the start of a yearly thing. We were actually supposed to go to San Vicente, Palawan this year but COVID-19 happened so yeah, bummer. PAL refunded our airfare and put it in a travel fund that can be used until the end of the year.

So back to Coron…

It’s a MAGICAL place. About 80% of the tourists there are foreigners from Europe. We got to talk to some of them and they said that they chose to go to Coron (and some of them have been there but they just keep returning) because it’s simply beautiful. You know that cliche when you feel proud when foreigners appreciate the beauty of your country? That’s how I felt and I get what they mean. I’ve made it my goal to someday learn how to freedive because when I come back to Coron, I’d want to be able to dive deeper into the coral gardens and diving spots. You see, Coron is just as beautiful underwater as it is on land.

We stayed in Treetop Suites. It’s one of those “boutique” hotels. It’s quite nice and it’s really affordable. Our first day in Coron was when the 2019 Luzon earthquake happened. It was quite unnerving to see the airport we just departed in (Clark Airport) damaged just hours after we left. Plus of course we worried about the people we left back home, if they’re alright and everything. It was quite an experience.

Ok so before I share the pictures, I’m going to be honest and say that I wasn’t able to take a lot of pictures. What I have are video clips because I meant to make a sort of travel video, which I DID. I mean I do have all these idle time because of the ECQ.

So back to Coron…we didn’t have a tour booked on the day that we arrived. So some of us decided to go check out the sunset from the viewing deck of Mt. Tapyas. We had to climb 724 steps up to go to the viewing deck. Tiring but it was SO worth it.

The steps tin Mt. Tapyas


So the view from the top will be in the video. My apologies hehe.


Food pictures
Funny sign in a sari-sari store near the hotel

For Day 2, we joined a group tour and we went to Bulog Dos Island, Banana Island, and Malcapuya Island. We were in a joiners’ tour since we didn’t rent our own boat. We were the only Filipinos in the boat. Haha!

All set!


Malcapuya Island


Banana Island


Bulog Dos. We went snorkelling for a bit here. Then we hung out at the sandbar. See how blue the waters are??? Amazing.


For Day 3, we went to Kayangan Lake, Skeleton Wreck, Siete Pecados, Banol Beach, Twin Lagoon and Barracude Lake. For this tour, we hired our own boat courtesy of Coron Paradise Bed and Breakfast (Coron Highlights Tour).




Entrance to the Twin Lagoon
Barracuda Lake!


Dinner at Trattoria Altrove that night. Awesome Italian restaurant!
For Day 4, we went to Pass Island. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision because we realized that we didn’t have anything planned for that day. Haha.


Lunch at Poco Deli before our flight on Day 5.

Well those are the only pictures I took. I promise better videos when I come back. I mean I WILL come back. There’s still so much more of Coron left to see, after all.

Here’s the video I made. Enjoy!


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