The Lockdown Journals Entry # 4


I feel like an air of uncertainty is hovering over everything right now as the entire nation braces for the president’s decision on whether the quarantine will be lifted or “modified”. Work stuff for me comes sporadically. I don’t have to work at a specific time everyday, so I definitely have a lot of idle time. To keep myself from going stir crazy, I turn to music, books, and Netflix. I realized that I have the time to listen to entire albums these days, something that I feel like I haven’t done in a while. I mean, I’d just listen to singles off of albums but that’s about it.

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Coron 2019

So this trip happened last April 22-26, 2019. Yes here I am again updating this blog a year after. Maybe it could be my thing. Maybe I should change the name of this blog to something like “The Year After Blog”.

ANYWAY…so I went to this trip with my co-teachers and it was so memorable. We’re thinking that this was already the start of a yearly thing. We were actually supposed to go to San Vicente, Palawan this year but COVID-19 happened so yeah, bummer. PAL refunded our airfare and put it in a travel fund that can be used until the end of the year.

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The Lockdown Journals Entry # 3

Rethink “Thinking Positive”

So the lockdown in the Philippines has been extended until April 30. It was supposed to end next week at April 12. But it was bound to happen, since it has been obvious for the past weeks that a month-long quarantine won’t cut it. With the extension comes the continuous call for donations for people who are in most need during this crisis; PPEs for the frontliners and food or cash donations for people who cannot work and rely on daily salaries to get by. Hardly anyone reads this blog but I’m going to put links for donation initiatives that I know of in case you’re a kind and generous soul who chanced upon this blog and you’d like to donate.

Kaya Natin! Movement in coordination with the Office of the Vice President

Protect PH

This initiative by my highschool friends


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The Lockdown Journals Entry #2

“Shoot them dead.”

April 3, 2020

So it’s almost the end of the third week of the ECQ. For some reason, Week 2 and 3 kind of just whizzed past by in a stressful blur. I don’t know if it’s just me. I managed to finish all the stuff I’m meant to do for work. I made it my personal goal to be done by the third week so I can just spend the last week…dilly dallying around. Not that I haven’t dilly dallied enough for the past weeks.

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The Lockdown Journals Entry # 1

A Playlist for the End of the World

March 27, 2020

Have you ever sat in a History class learning about a World War or some other historic event and thought about how lucky you are that your generation will never get to experience something as big and drastic as that? Like, thank goodness for our forefathers for having it all sorted out before we were born. So this global pandemic sort of feels like that. It feels like something you only read about but you’re sure isn’t going to happen in this lifetime ever.

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La Union: My Happy Place

I guess this post is a photo dump of some sort for two La Union trips I’ve taken this year so far, on January and March, respectively. I first visited La Union in 2016 with my bestfriend and I’ve decided then that it is not a place that you’d want to visit only once. I guess I’ve been there enough (and am still planing to go back soon) to call it one of my happy places.

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Late last February, I saw an announcement from THE only organization I was part of in college: Teatro Tomasino. The announcement is calling for student and alumni members of Teatro Tomasino to audition for the season ender production. Over the years since I graduated, I’ve always received invitations on Facebook everytime there’s a production. After all, the organization always welcomes any kind of help from its alumni members. I never joined any production after graduating, dreading the idea of juggling work, personal shit, and the responsibilities of being part of a production. But for everytime I ignore the messages, the regrets pile up. It’s like when you’re trying to lose weight and you eat something you know you’re not supposed to eat and you can literally feel the fats and carbs or whatever gather in your stomach, hips, and thighs.  Continue reading “Comebacks”

Still Here

(So What’s Been Up?)

Hello, I’m back. I’ve decided to revive this little space I have on the Internet. I wasn’t really planning on entirely abandoning this blog, just to be clear. I just couldn’t bring myself to update it ’cause I’m a lazy and remorseful person. All those months I kept thinking, What’s there to share anyway? Self-deprecation aside, I haven’t posted for over a year now. Even though I often feel like nothing’s happening in my life, truth is there are some. Hehe.  Continue reading “Still Here”