The Lockdown Journals Entry # 3

Rethink “Thinking Positive”

So the lockdown in the Philippines has been extended until April 30. It was supposed to end next week at April 12. But it was bound to happen, since it has been obvious for the past weeks that a month-long quarantine won’t cut it. With the extension comes the continuous call for donations for people who are in most need during this crisis; PPEs for the frontliners and food or cash donations for people who cannot work and rely on daily salaries to get by. Hardly anyone reads this blog but I’m going to put links for donation initiatives that I know of in case you’re a kind and generous soul who chanced upon this blog and you’d like to donate.

Kaya Natin! Movement in coordination with the Office of the Vice President

Protect PH

This initiative by my highschool friends


Anyway, I wanted to focus on anxiety today. A lot of my time is spent scrolling through Facebook nowadays, but who can blame me? I’m sure this is true for everyone. A few days ago, I saw a post going around that goes like:

The quarantine period is the perfect time for:

  • a new hobby
  • your skin care routine
  • working out
  • studying
  • cleaning

And yet another one that says “If you don’t come out of this with a new skill, you never lacked time, you lack DISCIPLINE.” 

These statements were meant to be motivational but it didn’t take long for people to call them out for being problematic. If there’s one more thing that grinds my gears so much these days aside from incompetent public servants and their blind supporters is toxic positivity. While it helps to be all bright and chipper and positive sometimes, it can be really unhealthy most of the time, especially if the manner in which it’s done is worded like the statements above.

No, we don’t have to feel guilty for being unproductive during these times. I mean these are not normal times that we’re going through. It’s not like we were just ordered to stay at home and go on with our lives for 2 months just because. We are going through a pandemic and it’s anxiety-inducing. When people get anxious, they should be allowed to cope in their own ways and not be guilt-tripped into doing something that’s deemed “productive”.

Personally, I haven’t been motivated to get off my ass and work out. So I’ve learned to come to terms with saying bye bye to the pounds I’ve shed on the nights I tried to regularly go boxing. Maybe reviving this blog and writing these entries is what’s helping to keep me a bit sane during these times. It’s not a “new skill”, but so what? Lately, my anxieties usually revolve around the aftermath of all of this. How do I fall back to my daily routines? Will it be easy? No kidding, I have learned to embrace the anxiety-riddled restlesss nights I’ve been having lately.  I’m sure I am not alone in these thoughts. I also get anxious (and sad to be honest) about my cancelled trips for the summer. My Baler and San Vicente trips have already been cancelled and I have a Boracay trip in May. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that it will also not push through anymore. Plus there’s my 30th birthday celebration that was supposed to happen last March 21. I have already decided to move it in JUNE, just to be completely sure.

My problems are nothing compared to what other people around the world are facing. Those in the frontlines, the people who are sick or who’s loved ones are sick, people who have lost jobs because of the pandemic, people who literally have nothing to eat because they can’t work. This crisis affects everyone worldwide and you can’t expect them to be comforted with toxic positivity. Sometimes we have to acknowledge what we’re going through so we can face it better.

I believe that what we all need right now is a little bit of kindness. Even when all this is over. You know at the end of the song Hands by Jewel and she goes like “In the end, only kindness matters”? I think we as a species should practice more of that. Always. At all times.


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