Strange Little Wanderer Goes to Calaguas Islands (Day 1)

Last February, my friends and I went to Calaguas. Calaguas refers to a group of islands located in the Pacific. It is under the jurisdiction of a town called Vinzons in the province of Camarines Norte. Our tour was organized by Calaguas IAdventure, which is managed by Mr. Mark Ramirez.


From Cubao, we rode a bus bound for Daet. The trip took about 9 hours. I’ve always had trouble sleeping while in a moving vehicle so I kind of drifted in and out of sleep. We arrived in Daet at 5:40 AM. We were slightly worried because it was raining and the forecast on our phones show that it’s going to rain for the next 3 days.

Kuya Mark met us as we alighted from the bus and gave us time to eat breakfast at a Jollibee before going to the port. After breakfast, we rode a jeepney along with the other people joining the tour. At around 8 AM, we arrived at Vinzons port where a boat is waiting for us.


It was a 2-hour boat ride from Vinzons port to Mahabang Buhangin, Calaguas. We read on some blogs that it’s a rough boat ride ’cause we’re going to be crossing a portion of the Pacific Ocean. Boy, that boat ride did not disappoint. I should’ve went on with my plan to put on my swimsuit already. The people manning the boat collected our bags and put them inside plastic bags to (somehow) shield them from getting wet.

A still from a video taken of the rough waves

At 10:30 AM, we finally arrived in Mahabang Buhangin Beach. It is where we mostly stayed for the duration of the trip. “Mahabang buhangin” means long stretch of sand. I guess it was named as such because the beach literally has a long stretch of beautiful white sand. Aaaaand…the weather  was fine so yay! Phone signals are also basically nonexistent in the island so goodbye world!

After retrieving our bags and changing into dry clothes, we were asked to wait while the organizers cook our lunch. While waiting, we had the chance to look around, explore, and take pictures.

You know how some articles or blog posts you read on beaches promise “white sand, turquoise waters” etc., but when you get to the actual beach it’s completely underwhelming? Well, Calaguas isn’t one of those. The beach lives up to the good reviews and pictures on the Internet.

Hello paradise! It was definitely love at first sight for us!

At around noon, we were called for lunch already.

Then we were shown our tents. Since it was around noon and it was still scorching hot, we decided to take a nap first before going back to the beach.

At around 4, we were ready to go swimming! Yay!

Could’ve used a little more improvement but yeah I’m a mermaid 🙂

What we call our little group 🙂

It’s actually a bit of  a well-known fact that when  you go on a trip to Calaguas, you cannot expect luxury and all-out comfort, especially with bathrooms. So you have to be prepared to rough it; that includes fetching and carrying water in a pail from a poso (it’s something like a fire hydrant), and actually taking a bath in the poso and changing inside your tent. It was actually a lot of fun and a good opportunity for a weird bonding time with friends while you’re taking a bath all together in the poso. 🙂

Dinner time!
Good night!

Well I actually planned to put the whole trip in one blog post but I realized that it won’t work out haha. Day 2 of this trip will be posted in a day…or two.

3 thoughts on “Strange Little Wanderer Goes to Calaguas Islands (Day 1)

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    1. Hello! Sorry I haven’t logged in for a while now. Yes I recommend you bring sleeping bags so you don’t end up like we did! We were so unprepared. Enjoy your trip and THANK YOU!


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