La Union: My Happy Place

I guess this post is a photo dump of some sort for two La Union trips I’ve taken this year so far, on January and March, respectively. I first visited La Union in 2016 with my bestfriend and I’ve decided then that it is not a place that you’d want to visit only once. I guess I’ve been there enough (and am still planing to go back soon) to call it one of my happy places.

Here are the pictures from my January trip:

Urbiztondo Beach

Back to the town of Luna:

Baluarte Watch Tower

Kamay na Bato Art Gallery

Pebble Beach, the non-resort one

Immuki Island

Some random pics on the way to our destinations

For surfing, we were taken to the beach in San Fernando (near the Coca-Cola Plant) because the waves in Urbiztondo that time are too strong for beginners.



Golden Hour

Flotsam and Jetsam

Dito na lang tayo sa ating tagpuan…

Urbiztondo Beach in the early morning light

Photoshoot hahahaha

It’s a wrap! Lol

For my March trip, I was able to visit Tangadan Falls in San Gabriel for the first time. There’s a 1-hour trek before reaching the falls.


Tangadan Falls

Three of us decided to climb up the falls without a guide. So we just tried navigating through the big rocks on our own.

But we made it on top!

So high up


There’s a mini waterfall on top of the waterfall


Posing with the people who are contemplating on whether to jump off the rock or not.
Eating some ihaw  ’cause we got hungry swimming
Hi Urbiztondo
First of summer



Movie poster shot
Flotsam. We went straight here Friday night when we arrived. Then we came back the following night and it’s my first time to experience Flotsam become a dance club. Haha!

 Some photos by the beach before leaving

I already can’t wait for my next LU trip!


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