Behold Bohol

Hello it’s me updating after yet again almost one year of hiatus.

So I’m going to share pictures from my Bohol trip last June 2018. I’m actually not sure what to write anymore since it’s been that long. Haha. But this trip has been memorable ’cause I was able to experience “taking the plunge”. Read on to know what I’m talking about. 🙂

It has been raining heavily and continuously for a few days on and before we left for Bohol. I was so sure that our flight will be delayed. But it wasn’t.

First time at Clark Airport

I remember feeling a bit nervous during takeoff. I don’t think I’ve traveled in bad weather before.

The weather was the opposite when we got to Bohol though, so that was a good thing.



That’s the view from our hotel. Beachfront, baby!

Since we landed late in the afternoon, the only thing in our itinerary that day is dinner at this place called Gerarda’s.



We were off to an early start the next day. Early as in 5:30 AM early. First order of business: island hopping. We went to Balicasag Island and Virgin Island. Whale and dolphin watching was included in the itinerary but there weren’t any around. 😦

We went snorkeling in Balicasag Island first. We were treated to a WONDERFUL view underwater.




Ok so those pictures and the video didn’t do justice to the underwater beauty that we saw. Hehe. Sorry about that.



So next stop is the Loboc River. The reason why we had to start early was because we have to make it by lunch to Loboc.



We had a buffet-style lunch on a floating restaurant while it cruised through the river. There was a band playing and we stopped at one point to watch a group of local kids dance.

After lunch, we went on with our Bohol Countryside Tour. We stopped by the mandmade forest, which is amazing! Posing for photographs was a really cool experience cause we had to stand on the road to pose with the forest in full view but we had to do it quickly cause there were vehicles passing by at full speed.

I love this shot ’cause of the truck and another vehicle coming towards us haha!



After this, we stopped by the Tarsier Conservation Area for a little while. We were asked to be quiet while going around because the tarsiers are sleeping since they are nocturnal animals.

IMG_2804 In all the pictures that I’ve seen of tarsiers, I thought they were like the size of koalas. I didn’t expect them to be soooo tiny.

Next stop is the Butterfly Garden, where we were greeted by the funniest tour guide. Haha!





For our last stop, the Chocolate Hills! I’m not even going to attempt to put into words how stunning the view is. You should all just go there and see the hills for yourself.

You’ll have to climb all those steps up to get to the viewing deck.

But climbing all those steps are SO worth it.




On the way back to the hotel, our driver asked us if we wanted to see and take pictures with a giant snake. Now, I AM obsessed with Britney Spears’ 2001 VMA performance so I wanted to take a picture with a snake draped over my shoulders a la Britney. Haha!

So we headed to the Bohol Python and Wildlife Park. There were other wild animals being kept there too, aside from the snakes. But I’m really not a big fan of animals in captivity so 😦

One of the caretakers of the place told us the story of  Prony the Python, once the biggest python in captivity before she died in 2013.

With Prony’s preserved body
One of the snakes in the park. I didn’t get my I’m A Slave 4U moment ’cause it would take additional bucks for a solo pic haha!

The next day, our first destination on the list is Danao, which is more than 2 hours away from Panglao; so we had to leave early again but not as early as the day before.

We got to Danao Adventure Park (with E.A.T. Danao or Extreme/Eco/Educational Adventure Tour) where the most memorable part of the trip happened. The park offers different outdoor activities like caving, kayaking, and climbing. But perhaps the park’s main attraction is The Plunge, the only canyon swing in the Philippines and apparently  one of the world’s highest. When we got to the spot where the activity happens, there was a guy about to do it so we watched him first. I decided then that I couldn’t do it. It looks way too terrifying!

Then my friend went through with it and I was still sure that I wouldn’t do it. But after a few minutes, I knew that I would hate myself if I didn’t try it. I mean, who knows when I’d be back in that place?? So after about half an hour, (yeah it kind of delayed the schedule a bit sorry) I was putting on the safety stuff and waiting. A line has already formed during the time that I was contemplating. The activity costs P700.00 but cliche as it may sound, the experience was PRICELESS…

…as my very shrill screams could probably tell.

One of the happiest moments of my life. Once the 3-4-second drop is done, you’d just be swinging between the mountains and you can see the beautiful view and hear the river below and it’s honestly very relaxing.


After the park, it’s back to Panglao for us. We stopped by the Hinagdanan Cave first. This particular cave was accidentally discovered by a farmer.  He found 2 holes while doing work on his land one day and he got curious. So he dropped a stone and heard a splash. He built a ladder (hagdanan) to go down the cave; thus the origin of the name “Hinagdanan”.

It was crowded when we went. But the water in the pool looks very nice to swim in.


After the cave, we headed straight to the last place in our itinerary, the Bohol Bee Farm, where we joined the bee farm tour.

I had a lot of fun taking pictures in that place. It was all cute and cozy and colorful.

We had their famous Buzz Ice Cream. They use organic ingredients, as with all the food offered in the place. I think this particular flavor is malunggay.





The weaving area. The mats and other products are REALLY beautiful.


There was still a bit of light when we arrived back at the hotel, so we decided to swim at the beach.


After dinner and freshening up at the hotel, we decided to go out and the nightlife along Alona Beach. We had a few drinks and played billiards.

We had an early flight the next morning back to Clark. When we came back, rain was still pouring nonstop.

Here’s our itinerary:


I realized that our schedule and itinerary was tight. But I think it was just right for the length of our stay. All in all, I LOVED Bohol. It’s a place that can be visited by families, since most of the tourist spots are convenient for older or younger people. I hope I’d be able to go back for a family trip next time.





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