Late last February, I saw an announcement from THE only organization I was part of in college: Teatro Tomasino. The announcement is calling for student and alumni members of Teatro Tomasino to audition for the season ender production. Over the years since I graduated, I’ve always received invitations on Facebook everytime there’s a production. After all, the organization always welcomes any kind of help from its alumni members. I never joined any production after graduating, dreading the idea of juggling work, personal shit, and the responsibilities of being part of a production. But for everytime I ignore the messages, the regrets pile up. It’s like when you’re trying to lose weight and you eat something you know you’re not supposed to eat and you can literally feel the fats and carbs or whatever gather in your stomach, hips, and thighs. 

My love for acting and the theatre never disappeared even after I left UST. I, however, let myself be consumed by work and lack of guts. So for five years, I haven’t been able to do anything remotely connected to acting. Unless reading storybooks aloud to my students counts, that is.

So I auditioned, got accepted for a role, and thus began my more than two-month routine of script readings, rehearsals after work, drinking coffee even on evenings for extra boosts of energy, weekend rehearsals, holiday rehearsals, and not going home earlier than midnight. It was exhausting and required A LOT of sacrifices (particularly free time). But just like when I was in college, doing theatre exhausts me but I kept coming back to it.

One night about a week before the play dates, I was talking to our director. I told him that after the play, everything would be back to “normal” again. Normal’s good but normal’s often boring. I guess I never realized how seemingly monotonous adult life has become for me without theatre. I work, go home, probably find something fun to do on weekends, spend all my money on things that would hopefully at least make me feel like I’m alive. I mean things like doing good at my job, drinking, shopping, I guess they can be fun but they don’t do anything for my soul. They won’t be able to fill the oft-unexplainable void that has grown within me over the years. But art can do that. Art always heals. To quote one of the greatest songs ever made (arguably), “I seek to cure what’s deep inside, frightened of this thing that I’ve become” and this gem of a movie, Midnight in Paris:


Needless to say, it was great to experience theatre again. Thank you for always welcoming your children home, Mother (T)!

The play is entitled Kasaray Duma: Mga Supling ng Sigwa. It is written by Eljay Catsro Deldoc and directed by Arch. Carlos A. Buendia, Jr. It was Teatro Tomasino’s 3rd production for its 40th season. We had play dates from May 2-5 at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium in the University of Santo Tomas.


Pictures from the play. Most of them were taken during the gala show last May 5.

Me (haha)

Curtain call

Our director and a good friend of mine, Kuya Caloy


Photos by: Josef Viktor Pamatian ,Sydny Pellas, and Abbie Vinluan of Arkitrato-Ust: Architecture + Photography  and Aster Beatriz of Fotomasino – The Thomasian Photographers Guild


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