Still Here

(So What’s Been Up?)

Hello, I’m back. I’ve decided to revive this little space I have on the Internet. I wasn’t really planning on entirely abandoning this blog, just to be clear. I just couldn’t bring myself to update it ’cause I’m a lazy and remorseful person. All those months I kept thinking, What’s there to share anyway? Self-deprecation aside, I haven’t posted for over a year now. Even though I often feel like nothing’s happening in my life, truth is there are some. Hehe. 

I went back to the same school I worked in right after college graduation, which is great. I don’t live at home anymore since I’m back to working in the city. I moved to an area in the metro that I absolutely love. I haven’t been travelling as much as I used to (which was one of the reasons why I made this blog). But I did go to Boracay May last year, for the first time.

Boracay was AWESOME. Right now, the island’s under  a so-called “rehabilitation”. Hope it will be even better after. I’m definitely going back.

I was also able to finally go to Pinto Art Museum. I said finally ’cause the museum is literally just minutes away from our house in Antipolo, but I wasn’t able to visit until only last year. I’m going to share the pictures here ’cause I think they’re bloggable.

The place


Photo ops

And of course, the art…

Then late last year, I went on a trip with my bestfriend to San Juan and Luna, La Union. If I had a lot of time and money, I’d alternate between going to Bora and La Union on weekends, whenever I feel like it. #pipedreams


We had fun food tripping…

…visiting the town of Luna…

Actually, my bestfriend LOVES taking and posing for pictures so our trip was just like one big photoshoot all throughout.

Pagbigyan niyo na po ako hehe. Photo credits to Gladys ofc.

A lot of things have happened during the time that I didn’t post. New experiences, adventures, realizations, even heartbreak(s); things that belong on separate blog posts ꟷ or not. I’d like to think that I’ve been having an adventurous time on my late 20’s, like I’ve always wanted. Even though most of the experiences I’m having are not according to plan. What am I saying? I’ve stopped planning my life out since I was about 23. Haha.

I’ll do my best to document whatever’s left of my being twenty-something. Since it’s about to end pretty soon.

So I’m still here.

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