Even If It Annoys You

I’m gonna ask you how your day went

Or what your words meant

I’m always gonna ask “How are you?”

When it’s been a while since I’ve talked to you

I’ll always make up songs about you

When I listen to songs you like, I’ll think of you

I’ll always gonna want to run to you when you ask me to

Even if it annoys you


I’m always gonna think about your happiness

Even if it means my own loneliness

I’m always gonna love the things you do

The way you hum, the way you shave, how you chew

How you talk about getting a tattoo

Or how you sometimes say words of love out of the blue

My dear, you’re still my favorite view

Even if it annoys you


Day by day

Until it all goes away

Through countless New Years and Valentines and meaningless birthdays

My feelings will still remain true

And if I don’t end up with you

I’ll always remember us like we used to

Once there was me and you

Even if it annoys you


 Image by Johar Miranda


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