Strange Little Wanderer Goes to Cebu (Part 1)

Part 1: Murphy’s Law

The origins of Murphy’s Law are actually a bit complex. But I guess over the years, people have managed to apply the law to life in general. After all, Murphy’s Law is typically stated as “If anything can go wrong, it will”.

Take for example this situation: You’re waiting in line to have your order taken at a fast food restaurant. There are four lanes and you noticed that each one of those lanes seem to be moving except for yours. Since you’re already starving, you decide to switch lanes. Once you do, the lane you were in a while ago starts to move and the lane you’re presently in seemed to have halted because the person in front of the line has a large order. BOOM. Murphy’s Law.

I mentioned Murphy’s Law because on yet another trip with my friends a month ago, Murphy’s Law seemed to have been completely at work. It started when we missed our flight. 

Our flight was supposed to be at 5:40 AM on May 26. All of us were tired the night before; I just came from a trip to Batangas with my family that lasted the whole day, while the others came from work. So we slept and set our alarms to 2-2:30 AM. But we overslept and woke up at 3:45 already! Arrgh! We arrived at around 5  and we weren’t allowed in anymore. I guess we still would’ve had a chance if we checked in on the Internet but we failed to do that as well.

So we wandered around the airport aimlessly, trying to figure out what to do. Getting on the next earliest flight would cost us ₱8,000, almost the same price as the travel package tour we have availed. One of us even tried calling his friend, a flight attendant, but she works in a different airline. So we just called the tour guide who was supposed to go with us on our trip, saying we have to cancel because we missed our flight. We’ve already paid a ₱500 reservation fee  a month before the trip. It was actually a good thing that it was the only advanced payment that we made. Some companies, like the ones we hired for our Iloilo-Guimaras and Calaguas trips, require at least half of the full payment to be sent to them around 2 weeks prior.

Defeated and already starving, we walked to McDonald’s where we sat and decided to not waste my friends’ vacation leaves. We HAVE to go somewhere, so we decided to try Caramoan. We looked for DIY travel tips to the island online. We then decided to try looking for travel tour companies that could take a group of 5 in at the last minute for a tour the next day. Of course we kinda felt that it was impossible, and it was.

SMILEEEE even though we were lost and panicking inside

I think we decided to just do a DIY trip. Based on the blogs that we read, the buses in Cubao going to Naga leave at 8:30 PM. So our plan was to go to Cubao already and find a place we can crash in ’til before 8 that evening. So we started looking online at hotel rates or any available rooms on Airbnb.

BUT…we were still feeling uneasy because we didn’t want to let the idea of a Cebu trip go just yet. So on our way out of the airport, Mac was checking his phone for the cheapest flights to Cebu that will leave on that day. He saw one on the Philippine Airlines website that was only around ₱1,500(?) But he couldn’t click the BOOK NOW button so we ran to the PAL office. Unfortunately, that flight wasn’t available anymore and I think the cheapest flight they had for Cebu that day cost around ₱5,000. Still nope. We even tried to ask for tickets to Tacloban, where we can just find our way to Cebu, but it costs ₱8,000. Outside the PAL office, my friends still checked their phones for the cheapest flights going to Cebu. We decided that any flight below ₱3,000 would be OK, as long as it would leave on that day. The cheaper, the better. Mac was able to find one that would leave at 6 PM, and it’s ₱3,100. Well, it would’ve been better if there was an even cheaper one but I guess it was our last chance and all so we ran to the Cebu Pacific office and just booked the fuck out of that flight.

By that time, it was only around 7 in the morning, and our new flight leaves at 6 PM. So having already learned our lesson from the missed flight, we decided to not leave the airport anymore. So that means, we were stuck in the airport for 11 more hours.

Our “home” for half of the day

We tried to find places or positions to squeeze into to get a decent amount of sleep but it was super difficult; we just drifted in and out. The airport was full of people who looked like they were also waiting aimlessly. I kept thinking about that Stephen King story The Langoliers. I watched the TV mini-series adaptation when I was a kid and so I thought, maybe it was just a big metaphor about the empty feeling one might have while waiting in an airport for a very long time. He he. Thoughts of the bored.

Trying to keep ourselves entertained
When it was almost time to check-in (we made sure to check-in super EARLY), we went “Live” on Facebook and sang Ang Huling El Bimbo by the Eraserheads. So that’s what 12 hours at the airport can do to you.
Finally aboard

While waiting at the airport, Mac was able to get the number of another guide in Cebu named Ryan. He called him and negotiated with prices for the tour of the places that we wanted to go to, as well as lodgings.


Finally! Maayong gabii.

We arrived at the Mactan Airport at 7:05 PM. From there, we took a taxi going to the South Bus Terminal. We got there at 8:30 PM. Yup, it was a loooong taxi ride. (Ha couldn’t help it) We got on a bus going to BATO via BARILI. Then we were instructed to go down at Sangi Stopover, where Ryan will pick us up and take us to the room he booked for us. Unfortunately, the airconditioned buses don’t leave until like the middle of the night.  It’s a 2-3-our ride from the city to where we’re going, and we have to get to Ryan as quickly as possible if we want to rest. So we just got on the non-airconditioned bus waiting to leave as soon as it’s full.


The bus was packed, the heat was sticky, and the driver drives like a third-world version of the characters in Fast and the Furious. If there’s one thing I learned from travelling, it’s to not be maarte because we didn’t travel for the luxury anyway, we traveled for the experience and the ADVENTURE.

We reached Sangi Stopover, which is in Alegria Badian, at 11PM. Ryan, along with two other guys, were waiting for us. They took us to the Batong Malunhaw Beach Resort via habal- habal, a motorcycle with an extended rear seating so that it can seat up to 3 persons. It is also the same mode of transportation that we used in Gigantes Island. In fact, it seems like the habal-habal is the preferred mode of tranportation for people in Alegria.

When we got to our room, we took turns taking baths and we all immediately fell asleep. It has been a long day for us, after all.


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