Strange Little Wanderer Goes to Sinagtala

Last December 28, 2015, my friends and I had a year-end party at this place called Sinagtala Farm and Retreat Park Resort.

Nestled up in the mountains of Orani in Bataan, Sinagtala rents out vacation houses that are perfect for relaxation, celebrations, or retreats. It also has a pool, a restaurant, and an adventure park opening soon.


We stayed at the Tampay House

We actually didn’t have the whole house to ourselves. There were like two other groups there with us since the house is big. But we rented the Family Room which was located at the third floor of the house.

We loved the view from our balcony!


We had our party in that room and out in the balcony. The weather was very Tagaytay-like at night. We were out in the balcony drinking but it got too cold so we moved inside. Our bedroom was downstairs. Unfortunately, nobody was able to take a picture of it.

We grilled food out in that lawn and had dinner there as well. We also played our “parlor games” there.

Breakfast salu-salo

I think one of the most known features of this place is its infinity pool. You can swim or relax by the pool while enjoying the view. However, since I mentioned that the place was cold, the water was also VERY cold. But hey, we had fun!

Go Throw!



Another thing that I really liked about the place is how close to nature it is.


Good morning! Taken by my good friend Mac.

Needless to say, the party was downright crazy and fun. Sure beats trying to dance at some bar with a bunch of sweaty strangers and loud EDM. We’re planning a “Mid-Year Party” though. Hope we can find another cool venue for it if it pushes through. 🙂

For rates and other info, go here or visit their Facebook page. 🙂




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