Strange Little Wanderer Goes to Iloilo-Guimaras (Part 3)

Island Hopping

We went back to our room for a while to pack some things that we needed to bring in our island hopping tour. We also changed into our swimming things. After less than thirty minutes or so, we were off!

On the way to our first island!

Our first stop is Antonia beach which is located in Gigantes Sur. It is a white sand beach (though not very powdery) with beautiful emerald green waters.


Special thanks to my friend Mac for this amazing shot hehe


Frustrated photographer 😀
I love this shot. The place looks amazing in the background!

We were supposed to rent a banana boat but there’s like a minimum number of persons allowed for each boat. Plus we didn’t bring enough money for the island hopping tour because we didn’t know that we’d need that much since our lunch and boat rides for that day have all been paid for.

So we just took GoPro shots and danced randomly on the beach. Then we were off to our second island!

The Bantigue Sandbar!

The Bantigue Sandbar is a stretch of white sand in the middle of the ocean. It is a very picturesque view. We swam and relaxed for a while and I actually fell asleep on the sand haha! We thought it’d be a good idea to do a synchronized dance on the beach with the blue horizon as the backdrop. So we did it!

After the sandbar, we went to Cabugao Gamay Island! I think this has to be my favorite out of all the islands we visited in Gigantes. When we got there, we climbed on top of a rocky hill where we can see the island and the waters surrounding it in full.

Like Antonia Beach, it’s also surrounded with emerald green waters


The beautiful Cabugao Gamay Island

IMG_4100 IMG_4102 IMG_4069.JPG We ended up staying a bit longer in Cabugao Gamay. We took several photos and recorded ourselves running amidst the coconut trees using the GoPro. IMG_4107.JPG

Where to go next?

After we’ve had our fun in Cabugao Gamay, it’s now time to go to our next destination which is the Tangke Salt Water Lagoon. I’ve seen this lagoon in countless photographs online and I was so excited to go here. I must admit that it wasn’t what I expected because the water isn’t really that blue in the lagoon. But i think it’s still pretty. We choreographed and performed another dance here 🙂

The “No Chill” squad 😀

Then the guys decided to try cliff jumping. RZ and I watched them from a boat and took pictures.

Before jumping

My boyfriend was still climbing up towards them while this picture was being taken. He wasn’t sure if he can jump because he stepped on a rock while jumping minutes before and he hurt his foot. But at the last minute he decided to jump.

After the lagoon, we proceeded to have our late lunch in Cabugao Daku Island. It was past 3 PM at this point. I think it took about 15-20 minutes to go to the island from Tangke. The waves were so strong and our boat was rocking violently. Water kept splashing us inside the boat. I was wearing my glasses at that point because I have removed my contact lenses. So naturally seawater has sprayed all over my lenses but I couldn’t take it off because the boat’s very rocky motion might cause me to drop it in the water.

Finally we reached the island after a very cold, salty, and scary boat ride. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to take pictures in the island that we had lunch in. We even failed to take a picture of our lunch! Haha. We were supposed to stay there and watch the sunset but it turned out that we couldn’t stay long because they’d charge us extra. So we just went back to the inn.

After taking turns taking baths and charging our phones, it was dinner time again.

Last dinner on the island 😦
Scallops cooked isaw-style. Yum!
Baked scallops! These are perfect. I still find myself craving for them everyday hehe.

After dinner we bought a few beers and just hung out in one of the tables under a tree. Then we just talked about the day’s adventures and planned where we’re going next! At one point, we even found ourselves telling ghost stories which was a bad idea haha. Thankfully, no spirits harmed or followed us home.

The only boat going back to Estancia Port will leave at 8 AM the next day. So it’ll be another early start for us. We then decide to get some much-needed rest because it will be another long trip to Guimaras the next day.

I’ll write about our truly AMAZING Guimaras trip in Part 4. Stay tuned!





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