On blogging

The year was 2005 and I had just caught the blogging bug. For a 15-year-old self-proclaimed “writer”, it was a must-have. So I made one and I actually wrote on it. I remember the small dialog box thing that appears when the site opens and I put in “Come as you are”. Those were the times when I discovered that the music of Nirvana does wonders to a teenage girl’s soul. I remember the Panic! At The Disco-inspired URL, the colorful chat boxes at the side where readers who happen to stumble upon my blog can put in comments and greetings. I also remember the list of links to the blogs of the blogger friends I made online and in real life. I remember actually reading total strangers’ blogs and getting hooked into their lives.

 I wrote about anything in that old blog. It was a personal blog. I wrote about things like what my friends and I did on that day, what I think of my Math teacher, My Chemical Romance. Heck I even remember professing my undying love  for Edward Furlomg. I had this weird, teenage crush on him after I saw Detroit Rock City. I don’t even know! :-)) Those were fun times when I was younger and more fearless.

I stopped blogging for various reasons. For one, I thought it has become more of a popularity game than expression. Secondly, I ran out of things to blog about. Looking at other people’s blogs made me feel like I don’t go out enough or do enough fun new things worth blogging about. I guess to put it simply, I let myself become insecure and miserable. A bit too miserable that I stopped doing something that made me happy.

I made another blog in 2010 but it was  a Tumblr blog and I only reblogged pictures. Then like I mentioned in my previous entry, I attempted to make another one in 2012. But I wasn’t that committed to it so I ended up posting like 3 entries before completely forgetting my password.

I’ve noticed how blogging has evolved. With the influx of technological advances in this day and age, it is inevitable. The so-called “niche blogs” abound. I envy those kind of blogs because for me, niche blogs seem like they are harder to maintain. You always have to stay focused on your niche. If it’s a fashion blog focus on clothes and your OOTDs. If it’s a food blog focus on cooking or food or restaurant reviews.

I cannot work on a niche blog. Aside from not having anything that I would consider my niche, I’d lack the focus to just center my ideas on one topic only. So I’ve decided that maybe writing about just anything under the sun is what I’m good at. Maybe I also shouldn’t care about blogging being a popularity tool or what other people may think about the way I write. I should also stop comparing my life to other people’s lives. I should stop making myself sad thinking how I don’t have enough or do enough interesting things. After all other people will always be better at writing than I am. Other people will always be more popular.

As for me, all I care about is bringing 2005 back.

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